WECOME to our Natural and Alternative Medicine Association of T&T (NAMA). NAMA was registered on October 7TH, 2010.

We exist to Promote and Protect our natural health industry here in Trinidad and Tobago.  Our membership consist of Practitioners in various fields of Natural Medicine/ Therapies, Students in the field, Health-food stores, and the end-user (people who use natural Health products and Therapies.   

We hope to have you onboard and look forward to your participation. Once you join you will receive a membership certificate and in due course, we will be issuing membership cards that will entitle you to discounts and specials from participating stakeholders. Should you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to contact me at 624-3727 or email us at namatt@gmail.com

Membership application forms and other information are available further down on this page.

Let us work together to develop this industry in T&T for ourselves and generations to come.

Best Regards,                                         

Philip A. Franco                                     



Our Mission

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To ensure that Natural and Alternative Medicine obtains the recognition and status it deserves, and to ensure its access to our citizens.

Our Vision

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To see Natural and Alternative Medicine play a vital role within the overall Health Care System (both private and public) within Trinidad and Tobago.

Founding Members

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Mr. Philip A. Franco –  Medical Herbalist/Naturopath

Ms. Camille Ojar – Psychotherapist/Counsellor

Ms. Karen Hinds –  Massage Therapist/Reflexologist

Who Can Join

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Anyone can join NAMA

NAMA represents the Natural & Alternative Medicine Industry as a Whole, and so represents Practitioners as well as Consumers, because at the end of the day it is the consumers that are the ones that benefit from these services and products.

There are 3 membership categories –

Practitioner Member

Natural and Alternative Health Practitioners would join as “Practitioner Member” and their credentials and experience would be verified and they can be placed on the ‘Practitioner List” on the website.


Persons otherwise in the field of Natural and Alternative medicine like proprietors of Health food stores, Importers, Growers and Manufacturers can all join as a regular “Member” and their businesses can also be listed on the website.

Supporting Member

Anyone can join as a supporting member. Thanks for your support and contributions.


Simply fill out the Membership Registration form and submit in person or via email.

Who We Represent

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The Association represents the following Branches:

  • Herbalists
  • Nutritionists
  • Naturopaths
  • Homoeopaths
  • Massage Therapists (includes Aromatherapists, Reflexologists & Acupuncturists)
  • Psychotherapists, Psychologists & Counsellors
  • Exercise Therapists (Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Qong)
  • Retailers / Wholesalers / Importers / Manufacturers / Growers and Researchers (in/of Natural or Alternative Medicine)
  • Natural Fertility Practitioners / Midwives
  • Associate Members (interested lay persons and users of the branch modalities)
  • Orthodox Medical practitioners and providers
  • Natural and Alternative practitioners who do not satisfy the necessary requirements so as to obtain practitioner member status, but that show some training and/or experience.


Board of Directors

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The board of directors comprises of three (3) founding members and elected branch leaders.

Once a branch has more than three (3) persons, a branch leader can be elected who will represent the branch on the board.

What Can NAMA Do For You

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Once you are involved in the field of Natural Medicine you will benefit. It is absolutely imperative that we have a unified professional body to promote and protect this industry as well as the persons involved and the consumers.

What Can You Do For NAMA

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The work of any association is carried out by its members. Your contribution within the association is critical towards realizing timely outcomes for our unified aims and objectives.

Benefits of Membership

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  • “Certificate of Membership” displayed at the place of practice or business for increased recognition of credibility by clients/customers.
  • “Membership cards” (for all members) will have numerous benefits to the member.
  • Use of database to identify “practitioner” members from which to refer patients, obtain referrals, and network.
  • Database for other professionals such as Medical Doctors who may want to work with natural practitioners.
  • Promotion of the industry through continuing education: seminars, courses, and other such ventures.
  • Having a website to promote not only the association, its members, and the industry but also to foster and stimulate awareness and a positive attitude towards the natural health industry through education and information.
  • Identify both qualified and unqualified practitioners who may pose a threat to the public.
  • Better able to influence Government on importation and regulatory issues affecting stakeholders.






The Immediate Removal of COVID Restrictions.

Protocols Can’t Cure Covid. The immune system can! The immune system is the solution for protecting against all infections.

The statistics do not justify the existing restrictions. The majority of test positive citizens do not develop symptoms.

There is ample evidence supporting the fact that the restrictions are causing many more health problems and greater destruction than the virus.

The credibility of the World Health Organization is highly questionable especially in the light of many credentialed medical and economic experts speaking out against the erroneous directives of The World Health Organization.

NAMA is asking – who’s to be held responsible for the atrocious consequences and losses caused by the lockdown and unjustifiable protocols.

What agreements or arrangements do the government have with the World Health Organization, which NAMA is stating do not have a monopoly on health information.

The Restrictions are Anti Health, Anti Productive & Totally Destructive! NAMA (Natural & Alternative Medicine Association) of T&T.

PCR test is not accurate and provides over 90% false positives and cannot be used to diagnose any disease or to confirm infection by a virus. In addition, the lockdown is causing more harm than good.

covid restrictions

Letter To The Prime Minister 

The Virus Contagion Myth

virus vs exosomes

Flu Shot For Dummies With DR Meehan on The HIGHWIRE

As mainstream media pushes “Twin-demic” panic, claiming the only answer is the flu shot, Dr. Jim Meehan, MD, sits down with Del to thoroughly look at the science behind the flu shot’s effectiveness and safety, providing everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether to inject yourself and your kids this fall.


This video was deleted by youtube and is a clear indication of CENSORSHIP. 
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2 OSHA Experts Reveal The Dangers of Masks on The HIGHWIRE

Government trained OSHA mask experts Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan join Del in-studio to break down vital info on masks, PPE, and their role in #Covid19 prevention. Every adult on this planet wearing a mask needs to hear this riveting discussion.

#Masks #MaskUp #MaskOn #WearAMask #OSHA #COVID #StandUp

What is an Exosome? (Episode 1)

Episode 1 in a 6-part mini-documentary series, see the full series here: http://www.lifetechnologies.com/exoso… We asked 10 prominent scientists to share their thoughts on science and in particular the field of exosomes research. The video-series tell the story and history of this exciting new area of research, and its impact on other research fields such as cancer and immunology. The video-series also discusses the potential future therapeutic and diagnostic applications that may come from exosome research.



Sarah Westall exposes the CABAL and how long they have planning covid this plandemic.
She gives you tips on how to verify everything she says is FACT !!!!


Reports about Sweden going into a strict lockdown are all over the internet and the #MSM, but are they true? Jeffrey Jaxen breaks down the #facts and dispels the #fiction over what is happening in #Sweden. Take a look

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