Welcome to Natural Balance

Natural Balance was established in Trinidad on the 19th of January, 2000. Founded by Philip A. Franco Medical Herbalist and Naturopath / Naturopathic Doctor.


Our vision is for Natural Balance – The Natural Medicine Centre to be a highly valued natural health care centre within the community and a substantial resource centre for Natural medicine.

phillip franco natural balance trinidad


Our mission is to:

Offer professional natural health care in a personalized, caring, and supportive manner, treating the whole person, taking into account imbalances within the Mind, Body, and Spirit (Vitality), and appreciating the individuality and uniqueness of each client.

Provide professional services and quality efficacious medicines/ products.

Serve as a Natural Medicine Healing and Teaching Center.

Aid our clients in achieving their health goals; be it the attainment of optimal health, disease prevention, or the treatment and healing of acute and/or chronic health conditions.

Naturopathic Philosophy

The strength and uniqueness of naturopathic medicine are founded on six principles:

Support the healing power of nature: The body has an incredible ability to heal itself when the obstacles to cure are removed and the optimal healing environment is provided.

Identify and treat the causes: It’s better to diagnose and remove the underlying causes of illness than to just temporarily treat the symptoms of the disease.

First, do no harm: Safe, effective natural medicines are used that have a minimal risk of harmful side effects

Treat the whole person: To successfully treat the whole person, it’s necessary to consider all of the physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors that are contributing to the current state of health of the individual client.

Emphasize prevention: Future illnesses can be prevented by carefully assessing current risk factors and making appropriate changes.

Doctor as Teacher: Naturopaths openly share knowledge with their patients and encourage active participation in achieving optimal health goals.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Services We Provde


Anti-aging and Preventive Medicine

Autoimmune Diseases (e.g. MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Muscular-skeletal problems (Neck tension, back problems, sciatica)

Neurological Diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Bells Palsy)

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling

Respiratory conditions (asthma, bronchitis, coughs, nasal congestion and irritations)

Children’s Health problems

Cardiovascular diseases (High blood pressure, cholesterol, angina & arteriosclerosis)


Toxic conditions (Gout, boils, heavy metal toxicity)

Mental Health (anxiety, depression, stress)

Digestive Illnesses (acid reflux, ulcers, indigestion, IBS)

Infectious Disorders – (e.g. HIV, Hepatitis, Candida)

Infertility (male and female)

Kidney & Urinary problems – (incontinence, UTI, Kidney stones)

Chronic Pain Management

Skin disorders (psoriasis, eczema, pimples, rashes)

Women Hormonal Imbalances (Menopause, PMS, Fibroids, PCOD, Endometriosis)

Degenerative Conditions – (e.g. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis)

Colds and Flu

Men Hormonal Imbalances (prostate problems, sexual dysfunctions)

Liver & Gallbladder problems

Cancer Treatment

Professional Services - Quality Herbal Medicines

1868-624-3727 / 62-HERBS


115 Cascade Road, Cascade. P.o.S. Trinidad