Meet Our Naturopath

Philip A. Franco

Medical Herbalist / Naturopathic Doctor

B.Sc. (Comp. Med.). D.BM. D.Irid. PGD.CN. D.RM.

Philip is a qualified naturopath registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) in Sydney, Australia since 1998, and is a Registered Herbalist with the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA) in Canada.

Specializing in Herbal medicine for use in the healing of any type of condition, he is also a Clinical Nutritionist, an Iridologist, and Massage Therapist, and completed additional training in Chinese massage and acupressure, Homeopathy, Bach flower therapy, Energetic Healing, and Reiki, and integrates these modalities into his practice.

He treats the person holistically by using a variety of natural therapies specific to the individual’s needs.

Philip works with his vast Herbal Dispensary which comprise over 150 Practitioner ONLY Herbal Medicines; possibly the largest Herb Dispensary in the Caribbean.

Philip is available for in-person consultations in Trinidad and in Toronto or online as needed.


phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Philip's Political Activism

Philip is also a political activist and is advocating for a “no-party system” –  the upgrading of our antiquated system of governance to provide for a no party democratic system that is People-Centric.

He wrote -The Manifesto of The Alternative System (over 30 years ago) and it can be viewed or downloaded here. You can also view a video presentation at

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Professional Services - Quality Herbal Medicines

1868-624-3727 / 62-HERBS

115 Cascade Road, Cascade. P.o.S. Trinidad