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The Herbal Dispensary at Natural Balance stocks the largest array of practitioners only quality herbal extracts and tablets in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Herbalist or Naturopath can prescribe individual herbs or formulate herbal extract mixtures to suit the individual’s needs. Or if you know what you want you can order any herb in any quantity.

We source our herbal products from Mediherb (Australia) that professional herbalists rely on for quality herbal products.

We also supply Homeopathic medicines and can make almost any remedy and strength.

We are the the Trinidad and Tobago Agents for MEDIHERB (supplying practitioners), CELTIC SEA SALT (supplying health shps and grogeries) and UDO’S 3 6 9 Omega OIL Blend. 

phillip franco natural balance trinidad
phillip franco natural balance trinidad


At Natural Balance we are proud to be associated with MediHerb.  Having such a high-quality product to work within the treatment of our clients gives us both the confidence and results that are integral to our performance, as healthcare providers.

Our Herbal Dispensary stocks MediHerb’s products.  We normally require at least a brief consultation with our fully qualified Medical Herbalist and Naturopath before we dispense.

This is to ensure client safety.

Quality and Excellence – every step of the way

Starts with quality raw herbs – Not all herbs are grown, harvested, dried or handled in the same caring way, nor do they contain the same level of active constituents.  After rigorous laboratory tests, MediHerb accepts only those batches of raw herb that meet or exceed strict quality criteria, which includes TLC fingerprinting, microbiological level, and content of specific actives.

The manufacturing process – MediHerb manufactures all their own products using ‘state of the art’ analysis and manufacturing techniques at its’ TGA-licensed facility in Queensland Australia, and therefore have total quality control over the whole process from start to finish.

MH’s – Liquid Extracts

MediHerb uses a unique proprietary 1:2 Cold Percolation Process ingeniously developed by scientist and pioneer herbalist Kerry Bone to produce its range of full-spectrum, practitioner strength, liquid herbal extracts.

Extracts produced from MediHerb’s 1:2 Cold Percolation Process were better every time when compared and tested with extracts from methods used in Germany and Europe.  North America makes no comparative products whatsoever.

Liquid extracts are the most effective way to dispense individual herbs and herbal formulas.

MediHerb’s Tablet Range

Unique – in that their tablets are made from the liquid extract, unlike most herbal capsules that contain the powdered herb.

A wider spectrum of active constituents – Liquid extracts provide both the herb’s water-soluble constituents as well as the herb’s alcohol-soluble constituents.

Since our gut cannot extract the herb’s alcohol-soluble constituents, we are therefore robbed of the herb’s total benefits when we use capsules of powdered herbs.

Faster Assimilation – Made from the liquid extract means that the herb’s active constituents have already been drawn out of the herb, and are now ready for absorption upon the tablet softening in the gut.

Powdered herbs in capsules – When taken, the gut (after the gelatin capsule decomposes) has to try and extract the constituents from the powdered herb, before they can be absorbed. – Causing slow absorption and minimal constituents absorbed.

Strength – MediHerb’s tablets contain more herb per tablet. Because of their strengths, they are only dispensed to the public through Qualified Herbalist and Naturopaths.  All herbs have their own individual therapeutic dosage range.  This is the range (or strength) that an herb must be taken in order to be therapeutically beneficial.

To get the therapeutic dose when using inferior strength herbal capsules, one may have to use as many as 4 to 16 caps three times a day.  This amount of powdered herb can have an irritating effect on the gut wall (stomach and intestinal lining).  Needless to say – if someone needed several herbs, this will again increase the number of capsules required, thus having a cumulative irritating effect.

Cost – They may appear to cost more, but because of the quality and strengths – less is needed to do the job.  In most cases, they are actually much more cost-effective.

We wholesale Mediherb only to other qualified practitioners.


phillip franco natural balance trinidad
phillip franco natural balance trinidad
phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Every cell, tissue, gland, and organ is dependent upon the presence of Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs. Your body needs these foundational fats, but cannot make them on its own. They must be obtained through dietary sources. Unfortunately, the modern Western diet is often quite deficient in omega-3 EFAs.

EFAs manufacture and repair cell membranes, enabling the cells to properly assimilate nutrients from our foods and efficiently expel toxins and waste products. A deficiency, or even an imbalance, of EFAs, can be linked to the decline in the body’s optimal functions.

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Udo’s Oil™ 3•6•9 Blend

Udo’s Oil™ 3•6•9 Blend supplies omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs in a 2:1 ratio. It is a special formulation of natural, unrefined oils from fresh, certified organic flax, sunflower, sesame, and evening primrose seeds as well as oils from coconut, rice, and bran.

This formula is the result of many years of scientific study by world-renowned nutrition expert Udo Erasmus, author of the best-selling book, Fats That Heal Fats That Kill. Udo’s research over the years indicates that the best results come consistently from oils blended to be richer in omega-3 than omega-6, in a 2:1 ratio. Udo’s oil contains the ideal ratio, while fish oils and pure flax oils do not.

Why you need a 2:1 ratio: The key to health from fats lies in ingesting the essential ones in the proper ratio. This isn’t usually achieved because the average Western diet is much too high in omega-6 and dangerously low in omega-3.

Omega-3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) and omega-6 LA (linoleic acid) are Essential Fatty Acids the body requires for maintaining good health.* Flaxseed oil is the richest known source of omega-3 ALA.

Udo’s Oil™ 3-6-9 Blend is made with health in mind, unlike supermarket cooking oils, which are highly processed for long shelf life. All ingredients in Udo’s oils are grown and processed without chemicals. For optimum freshness, these products are sealed in non-reactive recyclable amber glass bottles to avoid damage from heat and light

Udo’s Probiotic Range


Assists with:

  • Whole-body detoxification*
  • Digestion*
  • Immune support*

This traditional Ojibwa formula was rediscovered by humanitarian nurse Rene Caisse and perfected through years of clinical studies with her longtime research partner, Dr, Charles Brusch, personal physician to President John F. Kennedy. This formula enables the body to effectively remove toxins and wastes, allowing for cellular renewal and revitalized health.*

True health begins and ends within the digestive system. Taking Flor•Essence® supports healthy bowel funtion.* It helps the body achieve a new, vibrant equilibrium – improved digestion, more energy, a brighter complexion and deeper sleep.*

This time-honored formula has unique synergistic properties which help to gently detoxify and rejuvenate the entire body.*

Flor•Essence® is a formula that is safe and effective for everyday use, short term and long term.

The Herbs in Flor•Essence®:
The Flor•Essence® 8-herb formula synergistically supports all elimination pathways to accelerate the removal of toxins and waste from the body, stimulate digestion, and support immune function.*


  1. Burdock RootBurdock Root (Arctium lappa) is a cleansing antioxidant that promotes a strong immune system, stimulates good digestion, and supports all the elimination pathways of the body.* Active ingredients include inulin, calcium, iron, potassium, tannin, mucilage, flavonoids, and essential oils. The bitter properties of this herb are important for liver detox and function.*
  2. Slippery Elm Bark(Ulmus rubra) supports the skin, kidneys, and urinary and respiratory systems in their natural elimination processes.* It also soothes the digestive tract because of its mucilage content, and it alkalizes the body by balancing pH in the gastrointestinal tract.*
  3. Red Clover(Trifolium pratense) is an antioxidant with specialized flavonoids that promote healthy cell proliferation and supports the immune system.* It supports the kidneys as well as the urinary system. It is also used for expelling phlegm and mucus from the respiratory tract.*
  4. Sheep Sorrel(Rumex acetosella) This herb contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals that support health and well-being, and it functions in the body as an antioxidant.*
  5. Turkish Rhubarb Root(Rheum palmatum) provides detoxification support to the digestive system, colon, and liver.* Mineral content includes calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and selenium as well as vitamins B, C, and E.

Celtic Sea Salt is whole, unrefined natural sea salt, harvested from clay-lined salt beds, just off the northern coastline of France by trained salt farmers. The natural clay that lines the Celtic Sea Salt beds enhances the mineral content of the salt and protects the fragile trace elements. The clay also ionizes the many minerals in the salt, helping it to be rich in electrolytes.

Because of this ionic balance, unrefined, whole sea salt is naturally attracted to the fluids in the human body.  As a result, Celtic Sea Salt helps to maintain the mineral and fluid balance in the body, maintaining homeostasis in the extra-cellular, lymphatic, and plasma fluids of the body. This leads to more energy and overall increased vitality.

Nothing is added to this quality Sea Salt that would interfere with its natural balance. Nothing is taken out of this whole salt which has over 80 vital minerals and trace elements left intact. Comparative analysis shows that the mineral content and balance are most similar to what is required by our bodies extra-cellular, lymphatic, and plasma fluids to maintain homeostasis.

In other words, not only does our body need the minerals and trace elements found in Celtic Sea salt but it also uses these minerals most easily as the minerals are provided in this specific ratio.

Celtic Sea Salt is considered to be a strong alkalizer and to provide renewed energy. An acidic body condition is believed to contribute to many sicknesses and alkaline foods are considered powerful remedies.

A distinguishing characteristic of Celtic Sea Salt is that it is moist. The moisture helps to preserve the magnesium and other minerals and trace elements that occur in the salt.

No synthetic mineral supplement can equal the wealth of minerals that natural Celtic Sea Salt supplies, regardless of how rich it’s content or how precisely it is formulated, – this is real sea salt!

Table salt is a refined product devoid of the naturally occurring mineral constituents. Table salt is basically sodium chloride, With Anti-caking agents being added to table salt to make it flow easily.  Some of these include ferrocyanide, yellow prussiate of soda, tri-calcium, phosphate, and aluminum hydroxide. 


These anti-caking agents now affects the texture and taste.

Dextrose, glucose, and talcum are other substances often added to the salt to improve its taste and texture.

Table salt/Sodium Chloride is harmful to the body as it sets up a mineral imbalance within us which leads to a wide range of problems, such as Calcium imbalance, calcifications, hardening of the arteries, hemorrhagic stroke, high blood pressure, kidney stones, osteoporosis, cataract, glaucoma, fatigue, psychological problems and many more. (This is not to mention the effect of the additives.)  Celtic Sea salt will help prevent and reverse these conditions.

Other Sea Salts There are many other sea salts on the market, most of which come from the sea originally and that is why they can put  ‘Sea Salt’ on the label, but they are mostly all refined and contain only –sodium chloride. Sometimes we see on the label – added iodine, if it were whole sea salt then there would be no need to add iodine or anything else. Most of these are white in color.

Iodine is an important trace element essential to our health, however, it is only needed in micro quantities and can only be properly utilized by the body when it is taken in the presence of other elements.  Iodine actually becomes harmful when taken unnaturally in larger quantities.

The mineral ratio of mined salt changes over time, although it originally came from the sea this distinguishes salt harvested from the ocean from salt mining.

Most other sea salt and table salt use high temperatures to quickly dry salt. High temperatures change the molecular structure of the salt and remove minerals. Minerals are further removed when the salt is washed.

But Isn’t Salt bad for you? No. Sodium is a mineral necessary to human life, however in order to do its job it needs other minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. When these minerals are taken out of the salt the sodium no longer has the support of these minerals to function properly.

Scientific research reveals that there are actually very few salt-related health problems.  A healthy, active lifestyle demands a sufficient reasonable salt intake; a body functioning on no salt or on restricted rations of salt causes more problems than it was intending to solve.  Most often salt-related health problems are caused by diets

phillip franco natural balance trinidad
Discover Thompson’s One-A-Day Herbs
Supherbness, it means high quality and feeling great on the inside
High quality herbs, vitamins and minerals
Get your supplies at Natural Balance

Supherbness, it means high quality and feeling great on the inside.

…it means high quality and feeling great on the inside. Something we can aim for every day with Thompson’s One-A-Day Herbs. Each premium herbal formula contains a single herbal active to help you get where you want to be with your health, every day.

Thompson’s source only quality raw ingredients and our products are tested to help ensure the right potency and consistency is delivered in every health supplement. Make the switch to the Supherbness of Thompson’s One-A-Day Herbs. Nature’s high quality, off the shelf herbal health supplements.

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Discover Thompson’s One-A-Day Herbs.

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Thompson’s One-A-Day
Milk Thistle 35000 Capsules


Helps the liver detox naturally

Helps the liver detox naturally and aids digestion

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Thompson’s One-A-Day
Grape Seed 19000 Capsules


Antioxidant formula to assist with healthy blood circulation

Antioxidant formula to assist with healthy blood circulation

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Thompson’s One-A-Day
Ginkgo 6000 Capsules


Herbal support for mental alertness

Herbal support for mental alertness, concentration and memory as we age

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Thompson’s One-A-Day
Bilberry 12000 Capsules


Herbal formula for healthy eyes

Herbal formula to help support healthy eye function and healthy capillaries

High quality herbs, vitamins and minerals.

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Finest ingredients tested to be their best

Thompson’s products are formulated with high quality ingredients sourced from Australia, New Zealand and around the world, with rigorous sourcing and testing through to final product.


By using only the finest ingredients with rigorous sourcing and testing, we strive to deliver the very best in quality and efficacy for your health everyday


We undertake stringent quality control checks to ensure active herbal ingredients are standardised where possible, which helps to ensure each product batch contains the same amount of the active ingredient to deliver the same health benefit


All products are tested in Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licenced laboratories and made to exacting requirements under international PIC/S standards of good manufacturing practice

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