Naturopaths (also called naturopathic doctors in some countries) are health care professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal personal health.

Naturopathic medicine is a type of medical practice that uses natural therapies to promote the body’s ability to heal itself on all levels. The most important aspects of naturopathic medicine are to discover and treat the root causes of disease as opposed to just the symptoms, and to promote optimal health and prevent illness.

The education of naturopaths is extensive, with a minimum of five years of post-secondary education in Natural Medicine which includes Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, along with other natural therapies modalities, and also includes the clinical and medical sciences, and an internship period.

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Primary Services

phillip franco natural balance trinidad


The strength and uniqueness of naturopathic medicine are founded on six principles:

  1. Support the healing power of nature: The body has an incredible ability to heal itself when the obstacles to cure are removed and the optimal healing environment is provided.
  2. Identify and treat the causes: It’s better to diagnose and remove the underlying causes of illness than to just temporarily treat the symptoms of the disease.
  3. First, do no harm:  Safe, effective natural medicines are used that have a minimal risk of harmful side effects.
  4. Treat the whole person: To successfully treat the whole person, it’s necessary to consider all of the physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors that are contributing to the current state of health.
  5. Emphasize prevention: Future illnesses can be prevented by carefully assessing current risk factors and making appropriate changes.
  6. Doctor as Teacher: Naturopaths openly share knowledge with their patients and encourage active participation in achieving optimal health goals.

Massages on the Zen Chi Relaxerciser

The Zen Chi machine is a device used to stimulate the body in order to improve one’s health. It produces a motion through the recumbent body, similar to a swimming fish, which opens the vertebrae alleviating stress and tension on the spinal column.

It has been shown to improve blood circulation and oxygenation to tissues, which is especially useful for people who cannot exercise for whatever reasons.

It is also very effective to promote relaxation and can be used before bed.

Sessions on the machine range between 5-15 minutes

phillip franco natural balance trinidad
phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Bio Zapper (Bio Energetic Stimulator) Treatments

The “Bio Zapper” is a device uses to kill parasites, viruses, and the bad bacteria sometimes found in the human body.

It is important to note that human parasites (germs) are the major cause (90%) of most illnesses, so the elimination of parasites should be considered in the treatment and prevention of these illnesses. The treatments are safe, painless, with no side effects, and last approximately one hour.

This treatment works well in combination with other naturopathic treatments, especially when anti-microbial, ant-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic herbs are used.

Clinical Nutrition

By assessing the person’s illness and needs, nutritional supplements can be prescribed along with suitable dietary changes that may be necessary to promote healing.

Using high-quality nutritional supplements and strengths/dosages that are within the therapeutic ranges are important to achieve the required results.

Unlike dietitians, clinical nutritionists do not make diet sheets for clients but educate their clients about what foods are to be avoided and what should be consumed and when. It is not just what you eat but when you eat it.

The aim is to allow the client to learn how to choose foods, combine them, and prepare meals that suit their particular needs.

phillip franco natural balance trinidad
phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Bach Flower Therapy

Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, an English physician, and homeopath, in the 1930s. There are 38 Bach flower remedies, intended primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

You can either have one of our Qualified Bach Flower therapists prescribe one or more of these for you by having a private consultation with them. Alternatively, you can choose your own with the help of our chart and Bach self-assessment forms available at our dispensary.

Ear Candling

Ear Candling is not a new alternative therapy. Dating back to the year 2500 B.C. there is evidence showing that people used and were familiar with the practice of ear candling when hollow reeds from swamp areas were utilized as candles. It has been passed down for many generations by the North and South American natives, (especially the Hopi Indians now located in Arizona), as well as the Egyptian, African, Oriental and European cultures. The process had been basically lost for numerous years, but has come back into practice again and is now being used by a wide variety of people.

Today high-quality ear candles are handmade from beeswax and unbleached cotton cloths. These specially fabricated hollow candles are typically twelve (12) to fourteen (14) inches long and will burn for approximately 15 to 30 minutes each.

Ear candling is the use of hollow wax candles which are inserted into the ear and lit on the opposite end. It is believed that a combination of the warm air together with the gentle vacuum that is created is what draws out ear wax, mucous, and other debris from the ear and sinus passages, which leaves it clear. You usually find that your hearing is improved after treatment, as well as the removal of blockages. It is very useful for persons who have a buildup of ear wax and is very helpful before flying.

You can purchase these at our dispensary to do yourself, or book an appointment to have one of our practitioners perform the procedure for you

phillip franco natural balance trinidad
phillip franco natural balance trinidad


Iridology is a diagnostic tool and practice that studies the markings and changes in the iris of the eye which is used to help identify both inherent genetic weaknesses as well as health problems within the body and can help identify the underlying cause of diseases. This is sometimes used as part of the naturopathic consultation.

Iridologists can use simple equipment such as a magnifying glass and flashlight, or slit-lamp microscopes or sophisticated cameras and computer programs to examine a patient’s irises for tissue changes. The markings and patterns are compared to an iris chart that correlates zones of the iris with parts of the body. Typical charts divide the iris into approximately 80-90 zones. For example, the zone corresponding to the kidney is in the lower part of the iris, just before 6 o’clock.

It is understood that every part of the body has a neural link where nerves from that part go to the brain. Additionally, these also follow from the brain to the iris which we see as nerve fibers in the iris. Details in the iris reflect changes in the tissues of the corresponding body organs. One well-known practitioner, Dr. Bernard Jensen, puts it this way: “Nerve fibers in the iris respond to changes in body tissues by manifesting a reflex physiology that corresponds to specific tissue changes and locations.” (Jensen B; “Iridology Simplified”. 2nd ed., Escondido of the iris).

Therapeutic Massage (Deep Tissue massage

A therapeutic massage is a deep form of massage that involves systematically kneading, rubbing, and pressing the muscles of the body.

The aims of therapeutic massage are to induce physical and mental relaxation, improve blood and lymphatic supply, improve muscle performance and decrease the risk 

of injury (fewer aches and pains), prevent & treat soft tissue problems, aid the efficient functioning of the digestive system, and encourage the elimination of toxins from the body.

Therapeutic Massage can successfully alleviate chronic neck, shoulder, and back problems, or any other muscular-skeletal problem. After being treated with therapeutic massage, many people are surprised to get relief or complete healing from a physical problem they have had for years.

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More Massages

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy treats muscular-skeletal problems like back problems, joint and muscular soreness and stiffness, headaches and insomnia or just leaves you with a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation


A form of Chinese massage in which the thumbs and fingertips apply pressure massage on specific pressure points along the acupuncture meridians.

Chi Balancing

Chi Balancing is done by experienced massage therapists who can disperse the negative energies and blocks, allowing positive energy to freely flow through the body. It has to be felt to be understood.

Sports Injury Therapy

Similar to therapeutic massage, Sports Injury Therapy is specific to acute and chronic injuries of the musculoskeletal system induced from sports injures or from other types of accidents. Sports injury therapists are trained and equipped to treat this problem

Swedish / Relaxation Aromatherapy

This massage helps in relaxation and stress relief and can incorporate aromatic essential oils into the massage to add to the effect.


Involves the use of round glass cups which create suction on the skin and helps displace toxicity from underlying tissue as well as disperse blocked energies.

phillip franco natural balance trinidad

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